Welcome to the 2021 European Society of International Law Conference!

We welcome you to the 16th Annual Meeting of the European Society of International Law (ESIL), organised by the Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice (SCILJ).

The conference will examine changes in international lawmaking and how these changes are impacted by and impact on national and private norms and processes; that is, how they eventually affect the daily lives of people.

The seat of this year’s conference is the beautiful city of Stockholm, known for its modern, cosmopolitan spirit and for its genuine interest and engagement in international law. Sweden has played an important role in promoting international peace and security, human rights and international law. We feel honoured that the Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice is entrusted with the task of organising the ESIL Conference this year.

The Conference is taking place when the Covid-19 pandemic is still taking its stark toll in many places of the world and is affecting also our part of the world (though less so to than a few months ago). This has prompted us to chose a hybrid format of both onsite and online. Hybrid conferences will surely be common even in a more normal future, and we therefore hope to be able to contribute to the development of this format. We trust that you will appreciate our commitment in this regard, and we ask for your indulgence for any inconveniences.

While we have made every effort to enable participation on site, we are aware that various travel restrictions and other considerations will make it difficult for some colleagues to come to Stockholm. We hope that those of you who choose to take part online will enjoy the conference (almost) as much as those who are present in the flesh.

The organisation of this conference has been possible thanks to the unfailing efforts and dedication of a number of people and the great support of several organisations and entities. We would like to thank them all. This includes all members of the local organizing committee, the volunteers, the conference service, the ESIL Board and Secretariat, the sponsors, Stockholm University, our colleagues at the Stockholm Faculty of Law and the staff of the Department of Law.

We wish you a very rewarding and pleasant meeting in Stockholm.