Stockholm University is the largest academic organization in Sweden with some 66000 students and about 6000 employees. The Faculty of Law with some 3000 students and 200 staff is one of the largest law schools in Northern Europe and provides the most popular program in any academic field in Sweden.

The Conference Venue

The venue of the conference will be the main campus of Stockholm University, located in the lush Frescati area. The University has an ideal and modern infrastructure for this purpose. The main building for plenary meetings, seminars, book exhibitions, social events, common meeting points and in sum the heart of the Conference will be Aula Magna. The auditorium of Aula Magna is shaped in the form of an amphitheatre that can hold up to nearly 1200 people. It can be subdivided into two separate halls with room for 557 and 637 people, respectively.

The next-door neighbour to the Aula Magna is Juristernas hus (the Law Students’ House) in which some of the agora sessions will be held.

Finally, Stockholm University’s main building, where pre-conference workshops will take place, has three large auditoriums, each with about 300 seats, eight smaller halls with between 70 and 85 seats and a great number of lecture rooms and seminar rooms.

All the said halls and seminar rooms are located at a three-minute walking distance from each other and are equipped with state of the art audiovisual facilities. See also this guide to Stockholm University.

Travel Information

Stockholm University is connected to all areas of central Stockholm City through the metro. The trip from the University campus to Stockholm Central Station takes nine minutes. The trip to the closest hotel takes only three minutes. The metro runs every five minutes between 7 AM to 8 PM and at an interval of 10 to 15 minutes in other times. It is easy to reach the University also from other parts of Stockholm as several buses and the metro are available at frequent intervals. The price of the local transportation is about € 3.

There are several communication alternatives from the Stockholm main airport, Arlanda. The cheapest one is airport bus, which charges about € 11 for a trip from the airport to Stockholm central Station or vice versa. The trip takes about 40 minutes. A faster alternative is Arlanda Express, which leaves every 20 minutes. The trip takes about 20 minutes and cost about € 28. Taxi shuttles have a flat price for both directions, but the prices can vary depending on company. The normal price is about €50-€55.

See also here.

Conference Reception

The participants are invited to a reception with light refreshments on the evening of 9 September 2021. This will take place at the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet). There will be English-speaking guides that will offer the participants tours of the museum with a focus on its permanent collection, which is particularly strong on 1960s art. The reception is hosted by the law firms Mannheimer Swartling.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place on 10 September 2021 at the Vasa Museum. While savoring a three-course dinner, we will celebrate the ESIL prize-winners and our 16th conference held in Stockholm. The dinner will be held next to the Vasa ship.

The Vasa Museum is one of Scandinavia’s most visited museums. It is here that you will find in all its glory, the unique and well preserved warship Vasa from 1628, embellished with hundreds of wooden sculptures. Around 1.5 million visitors every year enjoy the exhibitions in the museum, which describe the Vasa’s history and life at the time; how, after 333 years at the bottom of Stockholm Bay, the ship was rediscovered and salvaged; and the research which is now underway to preserve Vasa. The Vasa Museum lies in the Royal Parkland, Djurgården, in Stockholm.